⇝ inspired by @cherryxpeach article.

➛ element.

fire, aesthetic, and hand image fire, aesthetic, and flame image

➛ animal.

Image by mattamanga lion, animal, and theme image

➛ flower.

flowers, rose, and red image rose, flowers, and red image
red roses.

➛ accessory.

fashion, rings, and style image ring, accessories, and gold image

➛ color.

red image aesthetic, building, and red image

➛ season.

snow, winter, and christmas image christmas, green, and pine tree image

➛ tattoo.

tattoo, heart, and red image tattoo and heart image
realistic heart.

➛ mythological creature.

dragon, fairy, and fantasy image dragon, fantasy, and book image

➛ food.

food and tacos image aesthetics, Chicken, and culture image

➛ song.

orange, aesthetic, and quotes image frank ocean, black, and music image
thinkin bout you − frank ocean.

➛ quote.

always, life, and amen image quotes, words, and kindness image
“everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. be kind. always”

➛ piece of clothing.

fashion, shoes, and boots image shoes image
knee high boots.

➛ feeling.

theme, rp, and aesthetic image beauty, body, and photographer image

➛ time of the day.

moon, blue, and night image moon, night, and sky image

➛ city.

buildings, city, and new york image header, Harry Styles, and icon image
new york city.

➛ view.

city, black, and light image city, new york, and night image

➛ album.

album, record, and record player image acqua, album, and fiori image
harry styles.

➛ body part.

eyes, eye, and blue image eyes, aesthetic, and art image

➛ movie.

pride and prejudice, keira knightley, and jane austen image jane austen and pride and prejudice image
pride & prejudice (2005), directed by joe wright.

➛ fruit.

Image by l o u fade, theme, and rp image

➛ month.

june, month, and picture image gay pride, june, and lgbt image

thank you so much for reading, ♥