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Coming into 2019 we want to hit all the bases, so far I've talked about my style and makeup goals for this year (articles are linked below). But now I want to talk about Self Care!

Work Out/ Come Up With A Work Out Routine

For this year I want to focus on getting fit an being more confident in my body. I want to do this by working out and creating a work out routine.

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Create a Skin Routine

Over the last couple of years, I've been basically winging it on how I go about my Skin Routine. But this year I want to make more of a schedule for my skin care.

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I noticed last year that I really appreciated journaling, especially when things were getting more and more hectic over the semester. Whether its just a positive note, or a rant about something that happened that day journaling can be great. So this year I want to journal a bit more.

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Make Time for Friends

Last year I prioritized my friends and social life over a lot of my responsibilities, so this year I want to dedicate a specific time for my friends. I want to limit the time I spend doing nothing and make my time for friends more productive.

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Make Time for Myself

I noticed that last year I didn't make enough time for myself so this year I will. I want to dedicate time to my rest and relaxation, whether it's taking a bath and doing face masks or watching movies I want to do it.

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