1 - Favorite color.

aphrodite, artistic, and sculpture image black and white, sea, and ocean image animal, cat, and kitty image architecture, blue, and white image

2 - Favorite movie.

forever, leonardo dicaprio, and movies image inception, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and movie image Leonardo and marion image Christopher Nolan and great movie image

3 - Favorite TV Show.

holmes, sherlock, and sherlockholmes image headers, the walking dead, and twd image chess, photography, and game image fashion, navy, and shirt image

4 - Favorite anime.

Image by ren death note, L, and anime image death note, L, and anime image death note, anime, and death image

5 - Favorite tatoos.

brave, ginny weasley, and tattoo image tattoo and girl image tattoo, honey, and jeans image always, Tattoos, and quote image

6 - Favorite city.

cities, venice, and colorful image architecture, blue, and boat image travel, italy, and venice image travel, architecture, and italy image