I'm currently giving my room a bit of a glow up so I thought I could give you some tips on how to decorate your room or simply make it a bit prettier.


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I love plants. I feel like they add a lot to a room. If you're like me and can't even take care of a cactus just buy some fake plants, I buy most of mine at Ikea since their pretty cheap and they also have cute plant pots.


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I used to have a room that was all over the place, by that I mean that it was very colorful. That isn't necessarily a bad thing but it can be when the colors don't go together at all. Try to keep your room in two to three colors. My room has for example a lot of earth colors. If you don't want to throw out all your furniture and buy new stuff just paint your old furniture in a different color so it suits your room.


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Even if you don't read you can stack some books in your room. For example on your bedside table or on your desk. And who knows maybe one day you'll pick one up?


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Prints are a nice way to personalize your bedroom. You can buy them at Ikea or print them out yourself. However I would recommend to frame them since it looks 'cleaner' than just sticking them to the wall.


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Even though that's a pretty basic tipp it's worth mentioning. You don't have to hang it, I think it looks just as cute when it's leaning against the wall. Again Ikea is a good place to buy some mirrors or maybe you'll find a vintage mirror on a yard sale.

I hope this article kinda gave you an idea how to decorate your room even though the things weren't that 'original'. I also always watch room tours or room makeovers on YouTube so that's also a good place to find inspiration.