Bonjour WeHearIt ! Because I decided I have absolutely no personality I decided to do an article about my goals for this year.
The most important in this, is to hold on to our goal. Everybody decides to have goals and changes in January or in September but we should not wait. The life always gives us a second chance and it is call tomorrow (quote of the day). Anyway, a new year is an opportunity to not repeat the mistakes of the last year and/or to go on with our achievements.

That was for the introduction, here are my goals :

Keep on with sports

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That was one of my goal for 2018 and I did it ! It did not last only in January and I'm proud of it ! Sport brought me so much and I want to keep on and go further.

Improve in guitar

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I already know how to play guitar but I really want to improve and be much better than I am.

Learning Italian

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I began a little last year... But I really want to improve this year and be able to read a book in Italian.

Go and visit a new country

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I have this goal every year and I accomplish it every year. In 2019 I'd like to visit Italy or Greece.

Have a new tattoo

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I'll do it ! If I'm not too broke...

Write more

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This year I want to publish (at least try) an article every week and be more regular than last year, but also write stories for myself.

Read more

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There are so many books that I haven't read yet ! I'll try to have a bigger reading list for this year.

Be kinder with myself

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We should treat ourselves like a real friend would do. I want to be less hard to myself and be kinder.

No toxic relation

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Nothing is worst than toxic people in your life. Sometimes you do not want to get rid off some people because you fear to be alone but you'll be better off. For this year I want to avoid every toxic person in my life. I did it last year and I felt much better. For the moment I'm fine with my friends and my boyfriend and I want it to remain this way. For this year I want to be more careful to what I give and to who, I had bad surprises last year.

This article can help if you want to "clean up your social life" :

And that was my goals for the year.

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Avec Amour,