Hello! My first post of 2019 about my only and true love ♥
Everything i put here are based on my personal experiences with Him, so you may agree or not. At any case, i hope you feel touched, the same way i felt when i was writing ♥

1) He loves you

yes, i kow, everybody says this and you may already know this, but still... it's not enough just "know" He loves you. you need to trully understand what means be loved by Him -- and when you do... your concept of love, your concept of who He really is, changes completely

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2) He gives you freedom

now that you understand that He loves you so so much, you need to understand how His love works. the thing is: His love is beyond our compreension if we dare to compare to the love we know/feel in our relationships. He loves us (me, you, that homeless person on the corner of the street, eveybody) freely. His love does not depend on our love for Him and thank God for that. that also means you are free. He sets you free to make the choices you want, and, regardless what you choose, He still loves you. but that also doesn't allow you to do stupid things, ok? don't play with Him

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3) You are not alone

to put in a simply way: He is omnipresent -- that means He contemplates everything. He is with you (yep, right next to you) all day, all the time, even when you're eating, even when you're in the bathrrom, when you're walking down the street... everywhere you go, He is with you. but, even though He is with you, it doesn't mean you are next to Him. He loves you (check the 1st point) and He misses you. He misses your voice, the secrets you shared, the laughs...

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4) He wants to be your bff

yes, that's right. He wants to be your bestfriend eveeer. like i said above, the fact He is with you doesn't mean you are with Him. and that's the point -- He wants to build an amazing relationship with you. He already gave the 1st step: He showed His love for you by sacrificing His only son, just for you. now it's your turn. but i know, and you may know too: you can't do this on your own. you need His help to get closer to Him. He is so amazing, and He doesn't need us for nothing, but still, He wants you to ask Him for help. He wants you to let Him take care of you.

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this should've been the first one, because it's the main to understand all the above, but... here we go:
5) We are separated from Him

yep. you read it right. i don't want you to get flustrated, especially after everything you read if you read, but i needed to say this. to be with Him, you need to understand that you need Him more than anything, that there's nothing you can do on your own. you can't save yourself -- and that's why you need Him. we all have sinned, and we need to be purificated, otherwise, we can't be near Him. like i said before, he loves you (doesn't matter what), but His pure and saint nature doesn't allow Him to be near sins. He wants to make you a new person, give you new dreams, a new life, a new family, a new heart, a new mind... He is willing to forgive and forget everything you've done before. all you need to do is say: "Father, i want you. i want you to take care of me, because i can't do this by myself. i need you. i need you to fill me with your love until i'm whole. i need to rest on your arms, because i'm tired and it's the best and only place i want to be..."

easy like that, you have a new Father/bff!
you won't regret your decision ♥

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if you read until the end: thank you ♥
and i hope you know that i pray for you
and if you ever need to talk, you can count on me
and if there was any mistakes: sorry :)

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