2019 brings us some really exciting new trends, which you might have already seen in some stores or on instagram and we heart it. So without further do, let's just get right into it!


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I am so happy about this trend. You can wear tweed in every possible way whether it be a skirt, a jacket or even as a set, which is my personal favorite. Honestly this is such a 90's Chanel vibe ugh we love a quality vintage vibe.


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This is a perfect option if you cannot wait to wear your beloved summer dress again. Just throw on a knit sweater on top, a pair of tights with some cute boots and you're good to go!


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This one never really got out of trend because honestly who doesn't like a comfy, oversized sweater. Logos have been huge for a while now but they recently got even more popular especially when it comes to brands like Balenciaga or Fendi. Don't worry, a vintage Nike or Adidas sweatshirt will work just as well.


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A little bit more of an extraordinary trend but also really eyecatching. Patent leather pants look really good with knit sweater and coats. If you are willing to take step further, a patent leather coat will be something for you. With that, you'll definitely stand out wherever you go.


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Any shade of brown is super trendy. Fendi's definitely had an influence on this one as it has had a huge comeback recently.


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Again something that's been around for quite some time now but you won't see it disappearing any time soon! Who doesn't love that little business woman vibe a blazer can give your outfit? Whether it be a set, a dress paired with a cute belt or just thrown over, blazers are everywhere.


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Every colour and every style, corduroy is hot in 2019!


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That's a trend a still have to get used to... Western styles are pretty in trend over all but cowboy boots in particular are very hot right now!

That'll be it for today my loves! I hope you enjoyed this article and it helped or inspired you in some way. Remember that you definitely don't have to follow every trend that is occurring. Find something you like and add your personal touch to it. Fashion is about expressing oneself without using words or anything, always remember!

I'm sending you love and light, see you next time! <3

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