name: Marthe Lien
age: 18
birth date: May 6th, 1999
height: skinny
zodiac sign: Taurus

She's Vilde's cousin. She lives in Oslo with her parents even if she doesn't like them.


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She has platinum hair and blue eyes. Her skin is very light.


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She's obsessed with 90s' clothes.


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She has many personalities. She always knows what she wants and in general is an intriguing person.

Sana Bakkoush

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Both have had not indifferent problems in their lives. They support and help each other, even when there is nothing left to do.

Even Bech Næsheim

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They have known each other since they were children and, since then, they are inseparable.

Elias Bakkoush

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When she was a child she had a crush on him but after some time the thing changed. Now he's like a big brother, even if they don't see each other much.

Vilde Hellerud Lien

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She has always tried to be with her cousin during hard time. She loves her very much and she would do anything for her:

significant other:
Christoffer Schistad

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After Chris broke up with Eva he became an asshole. When they first met he just wanted to have sex with her but she didn't. Without realizing it, he began to have eyes only for her and, after some time, she began to know him better and fell in love with him.


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She likes walking in the park, going somewhere in the night, listening to music and visiting the museums.

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