it's 2019 now, and we're going in a brand new person. 2018 was not a kind year to me. I had the worst months of my life and ended up throwing myself into situations that were in no way good for me. As much as I lost myself a couple of times, it taught me how to be strong on my own, and for the first time in a very long time, I was happy. Like really happy. I was able to experience myself to the fullest. I didn't care that a certain boy didn't text me back, I wasn't upset over the long hours I was working because I was in a place that made me really happy and it showed. When the happy high ended, It also showed. I could tell I wasn't being myself and I wasn't happy about who I had become again. But man, I have the best friends that love and support me that I am not afraid to do things anymore. In this new year, I will be happy and it will show. nothing will be forced and what will happen will happen. We're going into 2019 with an open mind and with happy days ahead. Who cares about that boy? He isn't the sole purpose of your happiness. I am the one that makes me that happiest and that is how it will stay for a very long time.
Here's to a better year.