Happy New Year everyone !
Im going to try and do a self care calendar every month, this is the first one x

Get to know me ! my last article:

day 1)
write done your new year resolutions

day 2)
pick a book to read for this month

day 3)
declutter your phone etc, change your background, delete apps you don't use

day 4)
have a bath and relax etc, do a face mask, use a bath bomb

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day 5)
complement someone, make someone smile :)

day 6)
begin a journal\ diary, keep track of your week

day 7)
in your journal write down how your first week was !

day 8)
try some new detox water recipes

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day 9)
clean your room and declutter

day 10)
go for a walk and get some fresh air

day 11)
try a hair mask

day 12)
have a healthy breakfast

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day 13)
watch a movie
my movie recommendations :

day 14)
write down things you like about yourself in your journal, self love is key !

day 15)
workout !

day 16)
drink a glass of water before and after you go to bed, stay hydrated

day 17)
try a new hairstyle or makeup product

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day 18)
go for a jog or walk

day 19)
if you haven't been reading your book, try and get some done today

day 20)
cut out anything toxic in you life, you don't need any toxic energy

day 21)
spend dome quality time with some friends or family

day 22)
stretch once you have woken up

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day 23)
make a to do list and get some things done today, be productive!

day 24)
go to bed early and try and get 7-8 hours sleep

day 25)
have a meditation session

day 26)
make a homemade face mask and try it out

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day 27)
think positively today, try not complain and have negative thoughts

day 28)
watch the sunset, draw, sing, bake dance, do whatever makes you happy!

day 29)
have you complete your book ? write down your thoughts on the book in your journal

day 30)
treat yourself, today is all about you !

day 31)
reflect on the past month, write it down in your journal, what were you high and low points?

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Hope you liked this article, sorry if it was too long.
mia x