As 2019 has begun, I thought I would give my first article a try, filled with my goals for this new year.


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This year will be the year that I graduate from high school, as well as start studying at college or university. So naturally, I will need to study for the finals and entrance exams as well in order to do as well as I want, and reach the goals that I want.

Of course, everyone must study to reach the goals that they want to reach, but not everyone can study the same way as the study techniques that there are don't work for everyone. So as a part of my studying goals, I will need to find a good study technique that works for me personally.

Decorate my home

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Some inspiration

In the beginning of 2018, I moved away from home at the age of 18 and moved in with my boyfriend. This is quite rare in Finland (where I come from), and scary to say the least. However, we have made it great so far, but we haven't really decorated the apartment in any way as I have been so concentrated on school and so has he.

This year I want to change this, and decorate the apartment and give it both mine and his touch. Naturally, as students we can't spend a fortune on the most fancy wall decorations, paintings etc. But I intend to find stuff that reflects our personalities and that we want to have in the apartment. Maybe find a blanket, a clock to have on the wall as when we're home and don't keep an eye on our phones, we really don't have any idea what time it is. So if we were to have a clock on the wall, I believe that problem would be solved. Lately, we have gotten some plants that have already made a huge difference to the apartment, but I feel that maybe a painting or picture on the wall would make it even more cozy. We'll see!

Take better care of my mental health

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2018 really wasn't a great year for me, and I believe that anyone who has been close to me this year has noticed that. It has been mentally difficult for me to move away from home, especially since my family lives abroad so I don't see them as much as I sometimes would like to. Also school hasn't been easy for me this year, as my best friends graduated in the spring (I would've graduated with them but I had an exchange year so I got one year after in school since we have to recap our second year) so I haven't had that many close friends in school, and the ones that I do have, we somehow haven't managed to have school at the same time so we haven't really seen much of each other. Sure, I have made new friends who I am grateful for, and I have had much fun with them but that doesn't mean that I wouldn't miss my old friends.

I have also felt a lot of betrayal the past year, and some things haven't been easy to cope with, and still aren't. But I have realized that I can't keep it all to myself but that I have to talk to someone, if not to people close to me, there are always people out in the world who make a living out of listening and helping people cope with their problems, no matter the size of the problems. I really hope that I can leave some things behind me in 2018, and that 2019 really can be the year that I can live more in the moment and enjoy the little things.

Improve my self-care

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This kind of has to do with my mental health, but in the end not really. This year I also want to eat more healthy, which isn't always very easy when you're busy and running from one class to another and study many more hours even after school. But with improving my self care I don't really mean my mental health, but more so my physical health. As I said, more healthy food, I want to spend more time outside, take care of my skin and hair (that both have suffered lately), and also taking time for myself so that I can reflect on my feelings and everything that's going on. Maybe take time to read a book every now and then, spoiling myself by spending time with the ones I love and just be present in the moments.


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I want to travel the world

Even though I have lived abroad in very different countries, none resembling the other, I still have a lot to see in the world. During this year, I would want to start exploring places I have never seen before. I realize I probably don't have that much time going somewhere far for a longer time because of my studies this year, but when I do get the chance I want to go somewhere new.

This is a new years resolution and a goal that I make for myself every year, and so far I have seen new places almost every year that I have set up this goal. However, as I said, there are still plenty of places that I want to see left in the world, and by making myself this promise or setting this goal for myself each year, I get closer and closer to it every year that passes. I believe that it is good for every person to travel to a country that is clearly different from one's home country, as I believe that one learns about the world in the best way by experiencing different cultures and by seeing different people and places. And since I am quite interested in the world and the differences between countries that might even be neighbors, I really love traveling and seeing new places as well as experiencing new things.

Let's hope that 2019 brings a lot of great things for everyone, and that this is the year that everything takes a turn for the better. Happy new year!