So, since you all liked my first article about my favourite Netflix shows, I decided to write another one. Thank you for 101 Hearts on the first part btw!

(Since I live in Germany, I am not sure if all of the series are available in your country.)

1. Don't trust the b____ in apartment 23:

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The show is about June, who moves to New York because she got a job on Wall Street. But she looses her job and her appartment, so she has to move in with Chloe. Even though they did not start of best, they become pretty good friends.

The girls are totally different. June is the innocent, nice girl from Indianna, who still calls her Mum every day, and only had one boyfriend her whole life. Chloe on the other hand, likes partys, alcohol, has sex with a different guy every night and does EVERYTHING for money. Of course they get into a lot of conflicts, what makes the show really fun to watch. But you can also follow the process how the develop a strong bond.

Each episode is about 20 minutes long. It's a really funny series, and it's never the wrong moment to watch it.

2. Follow This.

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This series is created by Buzzfeed. In every episode they deal with an interesting and current topic, like "men's rights activists" , or safe injection sites for heroin users. They show a lot of interviews with different people who are affected by it. You'll get in insight into the different perspectives, cause usually there are people who support it, and there are the ones that don't.
After you saw all of the facts and interviews, you can create your own opinion on the topic.

Again, the episodes are about 20 minutes long. I like that you get informed about some stuff, but they don't force you to see the topic in a certain perspective, because they show you both sides. I like to watch it while I eat lunch, is that weird?

3. Black mirror:

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This Netflix Original series plays in the future. Humanity invented new technologys, but usually they turn out to cause major problems. Every episode deals with different characters, each is like a little movie. Sometimes they refer to other episodes though.

Sometimes the plot is a little sick, some might even say disturbing, but it really makes you think. Cause even though it might seem unrealistic at first, if you think about it for some time, you will eventually realize, that these szenarios might actually happen to our society.

Recently they released an episode called "Bandersnatch". You can influence the storyline, and it is pretty cool.

The episodes are usually 40-70 minutes long. I like that each episode is 'individual'. You can easily skip one if you are not comfortable with the topic, even though you might miss a little insider in a following episode.

4. The Hookup Plan

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'The hookup plan' is a french series. Elsa can't get over aprevious relationship, so her two best friends decide to pay a 'male-hooker' to go on a date & have sex with her. Elsa doesn't know about this, and she starts falling in love with Jules, the man her friends hired.

This is such an amazing series. I just finished it today and I am looking forward to the second season.

Each episode is about 25 minutes long. The first season has 'only' eight episodes, but it is so worth the watch. Sleepover with your best friends? This is the PERFECT series.

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