room, bedroom, and white image home, interior, and house image bathroom, home, and interior image home, house, and kitchen image
Flat in Paris during my studies


grunge, home, and couple image Image removed grunge, sky, and sunset image love, couple, and bed image
Colocation with friends,and love why not


girl, goals, and meme image harry potter, hogwarts, and castle image london, city, and street image school image
Graduate, Erasmus in London and business school or law school


running image fitness, body, and motivation image food, healthy, and fruit image fashion, jeans, and style image
Healthy, running, workout, abs and


money, life, and feelings image money and nike image money, concert, and camera image anime, food, and McDonalds image
work for money


girl, friends, and party image girl, friends, and coachella image festival, girl, and indie image coachella, dolan twins, and grayson dolan image
Do festivals with my friends


clothes, luxury, and outfits image aesthetic, alternative, and amandla stenberg image fashion, style, and gucci image airport, baek, and exo image
Invest in clothes and assert my style


rain, water, and ocean image Image removed adventure, nature, and photography image audrey hepburn image
Travel, make voluntary work, scratch the pages of my bucket list

State of Mind

quotes, grunge, and blackbear image book, quotes, and french image enjoy life, happiness, and life image beautiful, blackandwhite, and book image
to be cool and uses your life
amazing, baddie, and cute image
picture of the cover

all my articles

ure so sweat honey