hair, flowers, and blonde image aesthetic, art, and gold image candle and light image horse, animal, and white image rapunzel, crown, and disney image disney, weapon, and rapunzel image
"Flower gleam and glow"
hair, bow, and hairstyle image aesthetic, ariel, and fork image dog, aesthetic, and max image boat, water, and vintage image boat, magic, and north image mermaid, ocean, and sea image
"Part of your world"
hair, hairstyle, and blonde image flower, flowers, and spring image owl, animal, and tree image aesthetic, old, and vintage image flowers, rose, and pink image pink, dress, and aesthetic image
"I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream"
disney and moana image rise, water, and drakkar image beach, sea, and Maldives image disney, moana, and heart image beach, sand, and summer image turtle, animal, and beach image
"See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls me"
Image by greenfae Image by Grazi castle, snow, and winter image ice, winter, and theme image snow, winter, and snowflake image Image by Mariajose Guzman
"The cold never bothered me anyway"
girl and white image books, drink, and japan image chinese image japan and katana image disney and mulan image eye, asian, and makeup image
"When will my reflection show who I am inside"
hair, blonde, and bow image Image by Ʈђἰʂ Iᵴɲ'ʈ ᙢᶓ cinderella, blue, and princess image cinderella, disney, and princess image castle, disney, and water image princess, cinderella, and blue image
"A dream is a wish your heart makes"
aladdin, jasmine, and princess image beautiful image tiger, animal, and cute image bangles, bracelets, and jewelery image flowers image aladdin, lamp, and smoke image
"But when I'm way up here. It's crystal clear. That now I'm in a whole new world with you"
girl, black hair, and red lips image fruit, apple, and red image animal, deer, and nature image cake, cooking, and food image forest, fantasy, and snow white image aesthetic, cottage, and window image
"Some day my prince will come"
lake and lotus image aesthetic, hands, and weheartit image restaurant, architecture, and paris image light, nature, and landscape image summer image food image
"I'm almost there!"
hair, braid, and photography image chocolate, marshmallow, and food image a, aesthetic, and pin image christmas, snow, and winter image chocolate and truffles image hair, aesthetic, and red hair image
"For the first time in forever"
girl and indian image animal and raccoon image druid image hands, leaves, and nature image bird, animal, and nature image fashion, inspiration, and inspo image
"Paint with the colours of the wind"
hair, brunette, and bun image amazing, moment, and haven image mirror, vintage, and gold image princess and royal image rose, window, and beauty and the beast image tea, gold, and cup image
"Tale as old as time"