I think we should all experience, at least once in our life, being broken-hearted. It makes you discover parts of yourself you didn’t even think were there, it makes you cry an amount of tears that you never thought you could produce and it makes you feel as empty as a blank book. I didn’t think being broken-hearted, would hurt so much, it’s a new feelings for me. I didn’t think it would be so hard because I’ve always thought that loving someone is also having the knowledge that they don’t belong to you and that at some point you might have to let the person you love go for their sake but also for your own. I guess what hurts it’s not the break up itself but the way your heart gets broken. What hurts is when your heart gets broken even tho you gave your everything and you thought it would be enough but maybe it just wasn’t. What hurts the most is realizing that maybe you were right all the way but you chose to trust the person you love so you put your insecurities aside. Because there’s no love without trust. So yes, I think we should all be broken-hearted at some point because there’s a lot we can learn from it. 2018 was a crazy year, I thought it would be my year. I started to change my life, I fell in love, I loved so hard, I did anything for love and I would do it all over again, you don’t regret loving someone, no matter what. In 2018 I got closer to achieving my dream, becoming a vet, I moved to another country where I didn’t know anyone, I challenged myself and my insecurities, I took a lot of planes, saw new countries and met a lot of new people but also lost a really important one. Life follows its own flow and sometimes things just go differently from the way we thought they would go. In 2018 I fell in love with a person but also with a country and its late summer sunsets.