I don't know what i'm actually doing right now.
I woke up this morning (1st January 2019) and I felt something.

Everyone is setting their year goals, lose weight, clear their skin, work out, eat healthy and so on.

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I don't feel that necessity, I don't know why. I'm like a little black cat born in a house of white ones. I'm not pessimistic and i like planning things but I feel much more melancholic.

I remember this day last year. My goals were: lose weight, eat healthy and take good grades at school. Today I lose a little bit of weight and take approximately good grades, but my life is really changed? I really feel that good about my self as i hoped to? Actually, not.

And I know many of you just want to read something inspirational or motivational but I can't lie.

I think that in life is important to have goals but you don't have to just look up to them. Life is beautiful and is unpredictable and it has no limits, it has no restriction, no walls built up by the desire of reaching perfection.

This year I just want to live, everyday, with no worries about my "goals", If one day I want to go out, I will go out, If one day I want to stay in bed all day I will stay in bed all day.

I love you my dearest Myself
This year is your year. Don't make yourself stressed about limits that you put on yourself.

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sorry for my english, I'm Italian
Se qualcuno di voi è italiano non esitate a scrivermi!