Heeeey lovely people!♡

I've been thinking for a long time that if I have enough money, I will definitely open a cafe. I love coffee, cafes, their moods, etc.

So in my article today I would like to introduce my "dream cafe".

Let's get started!

➳ P L A C E

cafe and photography image budapest, cafe, and city image
In a busy street in Budapest.

➳ I N T E R I O R

interior image
cafe, coffee, and design image
home, room, and plants image
cafe, cosy, and cozy image
I like comfortable places where you can feel at home. I also like brick walls very much, so be sure to use them as a decoration.

➳ D E C O R A T I O N

coffee, inspiration, and morning image
Board: motivation.
light, autumn, and fall image
Lightbulb: lighting and mood. 2 in 1.
book, coffee, and photography image
Book: If someone gets into the cafe alone.
coffee image
Plants: natural mood.

➳ M E N U

coffee image
Coffee in all quantities.
summer image cafe, cocktail, and friend image
chocolate, drink, and food image coffee, drink, and food image
Hot chocolate.
bar, cafe, and summer image coffee, drink, and cafe image
food, healthy, and sandwich image aesthetic, america, and asia image
aesthetic, cafe, and food image cafe, delicious, and cake image
bakery, bistro, and cafe image food, healthy, and delicious image
bistro, breakfast, and brunch image food and coffee image
Vegan food.
food, chocolate, and muffin image food, bakery, and muffin image

➳ F O R M U L A T I O N S

coffee and drink image coffee image photography image coffee, food, and aesthetic image

➳ P E O P L E

coffee, autumn, and fall image coffee, brown, and theme image
girl, coffee, and vintage image coffee, city, and cafe image
brunette, hair, and Hot image fashion, girl, and coffee image

➳Cover image

cafe, city, and coffee image

So guys, this would be my idea of my future coffee shop.

Inspire, Motivate, and Build!♡