So the cycle continues. Again we face that life goes on. January, the start line, waves at us and at least I'm not sure if I should hug it or punch it in the face.

Here We Are.

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I guess you've heard the saying "New Year, New Me". At first I aspired to be in that mental state but now I feel it in a different way. Each new year that comes I don't turn into a new person completely. I just evolve and grow internally. This makes that we have a lot of changes that doesn't make us a new person (and there's nothing wrong with that). Being true to yourself is one of the most important things you should know and accepting the changes that come with it is part of your growth.

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What the hell do I do now?

  • Some people follow their New Year Resolutions. It's totally ok if you don't have any or you never complete them (I honestly don't even bother to write one 'cause I know I won't complete it either).
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  • Others have some goals that they want to achieve (It can be big ones like advance in your career or little ones like take out the trash or trying a new hairstyle). It seems to be much easier (at least for me ) to have little goals that I can complete easily which makes you feel a this great feeling of accomplishment... but at the end it's up to you.
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  • Try something different. Most of us think about trying something new and see if we enjoy it (food, film, state of mind, philosophy, day routine, etc.). But you can also try something you used to do before or that you did once a long time ago.
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  • You also can just do things you wanted to do for a long time (go to that concert, visit that city, see that film, buy that piece of clothing that captured your attention, etc.)
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So you do you.
Enjoy and chill.
Just be you.

Love, Ferny.

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