Bethany Gomez is one of my OC's for a story I am writing.

-Name: Bethany Suzanne Gomez (goes by Beth or Bethy)
-Age: 17 years old, currently a senior in high school.
-Birthday: January 20
-Born and raised in a small town in California
-She works at a pastry bakery and dreams of becoming a forensic nurse.
-She lives with her grandmother and oldest brother who is a police officer (she has two older brothers, the second oldest plans on following in their older brothers footsteps to become a cop along with his best friend)
-She is Hispanic

girl and hair image girl, beauty, and site model image
her hair is brown, long and wavy and she has bangs (neither of the girls in the pictures above are intended to look like her they are just visuals) she has brown eyes, full lips and bushy arched eyebrows)
aesthetic, aesthetics, and alternative image keds and keds champion image fashion, sweater, and winter image fashion, jeans, and jacket image
-Her style is very comfy, her friends like to say she dresses like an old lady because she loves her knitted sweaters and comfy tees if she isnt wearing her knitted sweaters she's wearing her blue jean jacket she also loves overalls and wears dresses and skirts from time to time.

Some fun facts about Beth:
-She enjoys knitting and arts and crafts.
-She loves to read, write and paint
-She loves plants and flowers
-She is the mom friend
-Her favorite snacks are pretzels (chocolate covered or plain), grilled peanut butter sandwiches, and cheese cubes.
-She does not play any sports nor is she as athletic as her best friends Suzy and Carla.
-Her favorite insect is a dragonfly.
-Her favorite artists are Kina Grannis, Julia Harriman, and Sleeping at Last
-Her favorite colors are pink, yellow and blue.

Her best friends are Eleonora, Suzy, and Carla who you will meet later.