Hello everyone, i wanted to do this article a LONG LONG time ago but i wanted to be sure about what im going to discuss here, u know get more information and experience since im transitioning too. This gon be LONG so be ready because im going to discuss everything i know.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert and this article is about my experience and about what I know, some things that work with me may not work for you, keep that in mind please

Disclaimer: English is not my first languaje, i always say this in my articles because people can be rude towards us, we trying our best to learn it so dont be a bitch hum.

1. Patience

For a succesful transition you need a lot of patience with your hair, you going to handle different textures and its going to be frustraring but STAY FOCUSED the wait is worth it!

2. Dont get heat!

I stopped using heat when i was 2 month post relaxer, we dont know how is going to react ur natural hair if you use heat so thats the reason NOBODY recommend it! Most of the times the results are not good!

3. Change ur hair products:

Start with clean products and then add curly hair products to your routine, i recommend this because the curls not going to show off until 5-6 month and you still have relaxed hair so you have to take care of it. So i bought them when i was 5 months post relaxer. Buy sulfate paraben or silicone free products.


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Perm and flexi rods, braids are great to protect your transitioning hair


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Currently using it... Lifesaver, the ultimate lazy hairstyle

6. GEL.

While transition ur going to start complaining cos u dont know how to handle ur hair, use gel to get the sleek!

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I use the olive and the argan and it works for me

7. DONT do the Wash and Go

I cant believe people actually think this its a good idea... Doing the Wash and Go on transition i- its not a good idea i think its obvious , you are in transition wtf

8. 100% natural hair products

This is a real important topic in the natural hair community... Like people actually fight for this... There are many natural girls who use only 100% natural hair products, and there are many other girls who dont give a f at all... The problem is that natural hair using 100% clean products wants everyone to do the same, i personally use not 100% clean products for example i use Garnier but i dont use the WHOLE line, for example i use the shampoo or the leave in... 100% clean products are EXPENSIVE and I do not have the privilege of buying a complete line. DO WHAT YOU WANT.

9. Be careful

There are many people in this community who want to control your hair! They dont understand that there are products who can work for me but that doesnt mean it works for you! So be careful with this people. Also they want to tell you when you going to do the big chop! Do it when you are ready!


Im thinking about doing a whole article about this becasue its so important! you need to know your porosity! Its how well your hair is able to ABSORB and HOLD moisture, there are 3 levels of porosity, so you need to research and do the test!

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By the way if you do the test and you have high porosity hair this its normal since you been relaxing your hair for years, it might change

11. Dont buy too much producst!

I know exactly how it is... You see a product and you wanna take it home with you... But this is not good, buy a few products and buy a new ones when you finish it, dont waste ur money for something you already have sis

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Learn how to do certain things at home, for example mask, styling cream, curls activator and etc... There are many recipes on Youtube!


There are girls who dont know their hair type yet because we all have different hair tbh! You can have more than 1 pattern, for example i think i am 3b-3c-4a-4b! Many textures hummm, its normal!, know your hair!

14. Your hair texture might change after the big chop!

Remember that you have relaxed hair, and it can be heavy for your natural hair, when you chop that shit your hair can change.


Like i said before... There are people who going to tell when you have to big chop... Do it when you are ready!! Set a goal and do it! Let it go when u ready!

Well thats all, hopefully you did learn something here...WHI need more people talking about transition!

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