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& Hello 2019

It is the last day of 2018, only 6 hours left until a New Year begins.
Finally time to say goodbye to 2018.

& no this is not gonna turn into a "goodbye the old me & hello the new one / new year new me" - thing haha.

I just wanted to review my 2018 a little

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For me, I feel like, 2018 brought a lot of changes. 2017, I remember it being hard, well 2018 was harder... The thing is just, that I knew how to handle those changes because my mindset changed.

2017 I was really hurt losing a bunch of friends
2018 I got rid of a lot of toxic people

2018 was for me the year of realizing, that some people in your life are temporary and they are not supposed to stay in your life forever.

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I actually have a lot to say about this, maybe I will make a whole article about this... let's see what 2019 will bring

Also, I realized I need to focus on myself, because this is my life and nobody else is going to live it for me.
I am the person who's gonna make the best out of my life.

I started focussing on the things I want, things that make me happy, like dancing or reading, meeting new people.....

There are a lot more things on that list, but an very important one for me is (besides dancing) social media. This year I started to develop a critical mindset towards social media.

What I observed is, that when I am constantly on my phone I'm not that happy anymore, I tend to constantly compare myself with the people online. Although this is stupid, because everybody just posts their best version on Instagram, but I can't do anything about it...

So one of the things I want to do in 2019 is a social media detox, but I am not 100% sure because I have to admit that social media is really great for keeping contact with friends, who don't live near you, or even making new friends...

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All in all, 2018 has brought a lot of new beginnings and I want to keep up those changes in 2019.
I just want to focus on the things that are really important and also on the things that happen outside of the screen.

  • studying
  • dancing
  • mental health
  • body
  • using less technology


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Hope you guys have a lovely day & a good start into 2019

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stay healthy and have fun ! - Love yourself !