Hi Guys, for you who might not know, my name is Brian.
i think finally i decided to write here, sharing my own thoughts, and having some interaction with y'all (maybe, hopefully).

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One fact about me is that i'm super introvert person, but talking with someone new is always fascinating, that's why i always would love to have an interaction with many people.

first but fist i want to apologize about my english, because my english isn't really good and maybe some of them are Inappropriate (at least for me), because english isn't my major language, and also i have my own desire to improve my english skill, so yeah.

Well, here's the thing.

As you might know
The traffic are starting to jammed
The trumpet are starting to sounded
The fireworks are starting to flare

Obviously, new year is coming around.

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Firstly, i'm going to say Happy New Year for all of you wherever you are!

I also pick my own photograph with a dusk scenary to show that it's. going to be the end of the day, and it's going to be a new hole day, for everyone, for me, for you, and for the entire world.

And in this article let's talking about what we have done in the past one year.
365 pages that we've been through.
Especially i'm going to highlight it about "process" and "failure".

Maybe in the first page of 2018 many of you has planned for everything that you want to do and what you what to achieve. on that notes, maybe you wrote things like "Being a better version of yourself". and for sure, there are many processes behind it.

You put your pure intention for what you want. as you wish before, you also put your effort as best as you can, in order to achive what you've planned before. in terms of "being better", you also change the way you did things. you have the eagerness to get out of your comfort zone. you try to manage to step up youself into the next level, you often like okay, to stay up late to keep your study, you are willing to go for more activities and spend more time to increase your important life skills, you often take extra job to create more money, sometimes you also do such an unexpected things that you've never taught you are going to do, just to achive what you really want. you really face many ups and downs and you're going extramile, unlike before. somehow it went well, but on the other times, it seems to not working.

Some people has a different perspective about it. some of them having it works as they want, and seeing things as they hope for. but some of them are feeling things as they don't want it to be. something that you might want to call it a failure.

For that issue, i have my own taughts about it.
Everyone has their own story. they have their own process of life.
they have their own ideology on facing things, they have their own struggles, and having their own way of doing thing to work on. and i belive as they has wrote on their first page, all they want is actually to seek a better and best out of their life. nothing else, they just want for something good of their life. no matter if they are pure or not. good for you who has a pure desire for something better, you are really blessed for having that willingness to create something good.

As i said before that everyone has their own process of life. maybe things doesn't work as good as you want it to be. you simplified things that you don't achive what you really want. back again, it just your own process of your life, it doesn's define you fail or not. maybe you feel that you fail but who doesn't know that your process is still going on, you just have to try again, try for another opportunities, that could be part of your process. and don't worry however it's you'll get on there. you will be there.

Also look at what you geet instead, the way you do it, you have taken yourself to the next level, you've managed to do things that you never ever taughts that you will do it in yourself and turns out being someone that you never taughts you will be like that, doing things you don't think you do it, but you actually do it. like hey, you do something you've never done before, you experience things you've never through before. that's what actually your processes are, and at the end, through that hole process, it creates something better out of yourself. isn't it?

To conclude that, i want to give some words that written by someone i ever know before in my uni life :

"whatever it is, if you are fail or success, the value of yourself only and will only lies on the fact that you have attempted."

because that what really matters,

Your Process.

To finally close all of it, i want to give another words, that always inspire me, it says :

"an arron can only be shot by pulling it backwards. when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means it's going to launch you into something great. So just focus and keep aiming."

So, for all of you, wherever you are in the world, whatever you are aiming for in your life.


and let's make 2019 be more awesome


Thank you for reading my article! it's my pleasure for having discussions and conversation as many as possible with you all :)
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