New year, new me

Every year the whole world is motivated to change.
Even through it might not last for long, i have some new years resolutions too.

The key to success is not to banish anything or try to change completely from one day to the next. You have to work slow or it will lead to disappointness after the smalest failure.

Start with setting small goals

Try to eat more healthy

The right food is the basis for a healthy lifestyle.
Focus on cooking food by yourself, including fruits in your daily life and eating as much vegetables as possible.

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Make Smoothies or your lunch for school/work in the evening so you won´t stress in the morning.

Drink 2l water every day

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Put fruits in your water to make it more tasty

Follow your hobbys

Even if the bed is so comfy, try to motivate yourself not to stay in bed all day. Go out, play an instrument, draw a picture - find new hobbys or improve yours.

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Treat yourself right

Take care of your skin, your hair and your body and you will see what it does to you. You will look better but most important you will feel better. Give yourself enough time to follow a daily routine.

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Try to workout more

Even the smallest activity like a 5 minuits yoga sesion will make you feel proud of yourself.

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PS: English is not my native language, so if you find any spellling or grammatical mistakes, feel free to send me a message :)