You know these winter days where all you want to do is chill and sleep? Well on these days, I do quizzes. If I were tag is a way to get to know yourself better.

If I were

A movie

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, jim carrey, and kate winslet image quotes, life, and movie image quotes, movie, and jim carrey image girl, crush, and sad image
Thoughtful, quirky, and romantic.I will surely spent my life pursuing the truths that you think will bring meaning to my life, or that at least will allow me to live in contentment.

A Clichéd Female Character

The ugly girl who becomes beautiful by removing her glasses.

beautiful and hande erçel image Anne Hathaway, movie, and the princess diaries image confidence, girl, and nostalgia image quotes, Dream, and woman image
I’m shy, introverted even, and also a little awkward. Until - I hope- the day I realize that, with a little mascara, I'm an absolute bombshell. Which is exactly the moment a magnificent man will notice me and finally figure out that the love of his life was right before his eyes the whole time.

A meme

A meme that brings us together.

boy, couple, and kiss image beach, love, and couple image cutie, real madrid, and marcelo image Clueless, 90s, and movie image
The Agreement Handshake is a meme that finds common ground in some of the most unlikely places, and can create bonds even between groups with nearly nothing in common.

A Comfort Food

Mac 'n' Cheese

cheese, food, and macaroni image food and macaroni image cheesy, food, and mac n cheese image yummy and mac n cheese image
Fun, spontaneous, fun-loving, positive attitude. Mac 'n' cheese is a classic comfort food that people of every age enjoy!

A Piece Of Furniture

Picture frame

art, sky, and nature image art, museum, and aesthetic image art, painting, and vintage image apartment, art, and frame image
context_page=2&context_query=framed+art&context_type=search Class things up just by being around

Grey's Anatomy character

Lexie Grey

gif, grey's anatomy, and chyler leigh image lexie grey, grey's anatomy, and slexie image grey, grey's anatomy, and lexie grey image always, grey's anatomy, and kid sister image
She’s sunny, caring, and smart. She always expresses her feelings.

An emoji

Sarcastic Side-eye 😒

quotes, meme, and funny image Queen and rihanna image quotes, sarcasm, and art image blair waldorf, gossip girl, and gif image
Ugh, humans. Be Sassy and sarcastic, always prepared with a witty comeback. I'm SO over it.

A part of the body


fashion, outfit, and jeans image fashion, red, and girl image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, style, and outfit image

A city


plants, tumblr, and white image coffee, city, and travel image Image by яσѕιє_gσℓ∂ ⋆ city, fashion, and girl image

An album

Shawn Mendes- Shawn Mendes

Image removed pink, music, and vintage image Image by ❤️ Image removed

A song

"Don't Stop Believin'"- Journey

glee, lea michele, and cory monteith image believe, stop, and don't stop believing image

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