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The legendary girl group of K-pop is my youth. I started loving em when i was 8 years old. I used to watch their music videos and listen to their songs every single second in my life. At that time, i even could dance all the songs of them bc i watched em too much. Nowadays they r not as hot as they usually were but it's even much more better bc my girls are turning to the legend.


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EXID is my fav gg atm. Even they r so beautiful, talented, hard-working and funny but i always feel K-pop fans still underestimate their songs probably bc their songs r not trendy and a little bit hard when u listen to them at the first time. Pleases support my girls, they deserve it.


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I love their retro style (same like EXID) which is my style. Their songs are so various and unique. 5 members of RED VELVET are so pretty, cute and talented. They seem like SNSD's lovely daughters.


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The queens of sexy concept. They r also legendary as SNSD. If u want to taste some sexy music in K-pop, u have to listen to their songs.

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