Before I begin, and you continue to read, welcome to a judge free zone where many and all sorts are welcome, and I'm so glad you're interested in my article. Now feel free to continue...

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This is the first, and hopefully of many, of my "How To" series. I hope you enjoy it. If you have any feedback, please feel free to share.

The first time I heard the word humble, I knew it was a positive word, and I just assumed it meant along the lines of nice because don't all positive words say something like that? Never using the word, and years are passing, I am probably eleven or twelve I finally understood the meaning. Humble is a powerful word. When I finally realized it, it was my goal to be humble. Now, before I continue, the word humble means when one is proud of oneself without showing off, they are modest and respectful. Humble can mean shy, submissive, or even poor, but that is not the humble I am speaking of. After practicing the acts of humbleness and following the modest steps of my parents, I received my first compliment as humble. (BTW I never did the for the praise, it's just to be a better human being) I didn't expect it, and it was probably the best compliment I have ever received. So moving on, here are ways you can be humble:

  • Be Kind
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I wish I can say this a million times but, don't be mean to anyone, you do not know their story. I've witnessed this firsthand. In the past, I have been rude to people and later learning the things that they go through every single day. Regret has almost killed me. You never know, and assuming things are even worse, so please be kind. When you are in conflict, be the positivity in the situation full of negativity. Positivity is what's needed most, because it gives hope, and we all need hope to move forward when we aren't in the right place. You can be kind for no reason at all, for fun, because it makes you happy, or because you like making others happy. In the end, kindness will never let you or anyone down. So, use it.

  • Be Thankful
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It is so hard to be thankful because we are people, we get bored, so we want, want, and want some more. It is also okay to be greedy. Greediness is good when you want better grades when you want to work harder for a specific goal, but never to overpower anybody negatively. I have heard of a story my mom told me one day, where the rich man, wished he had a simple life. The poor man wished he had a more luxurious life. The single man was lonely and wanted a family. The married man missed the single days. There were two similarities among these people, they were all happy with their lives, but they weren't thankful. So be grateful for what you have, because you can always have less and the situation can always be worse. There will be times where setbacks will come, but those are just challenges that will make you come out stronger in the end, so be thankful and accept your delays but that doesn't mean you don't do anything about it.

  • Don't be a show off to purposely make people jealous
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This is probably the hardest. Obviously like I have said before we are people, we become proud of ourselves, so we want to tell other people. If you have reached your point of success, trust me everyone will see it without you having to tell anybody. Today my father told me to keep everything to myself, and if anyone asks, answer and change the subject. He said no one is happy for you unless they are your main friends and family; otherwise they are just haters. When it comes to showing off it is all about your intention. Are you wearing that Chanel bag for yourself or so people can be jealous? Are you dating that guy/girl because you like him/her or because everyone else wants them? Think about the reasons behind your actions. Nobody likes a showoff, and you never want anybody to be envious of you because it can bite back. This leads me to my next point.

  • Don't be jealous
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Jealousy is so evil my loves. Please don't be jealous, be happy for people no matter what. If you give negativity you will receive negativity. If you give positivity, you will receive positivity. It is your choice. It is not healthy for the heart or mind to hold jealousy because the strength that jealousy has can control your actions, and I don't want that for any of you, and neither do you for yourself. It is effortless to become jealous, but once you catch yourself, you will continue to turn that jealousy into happiness. Also, it will even kill the person who is trying to make you jealous just FYI.

  • Listen with your ears not your mouth
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Someone who is humble would never speak just to be heard, speak because their opinion matters most, or speak because they think they are better than you. No. A humble human being will listen with their ears, and empathize with the person they are listening to. They will try to understand your situation. So be a good listener, these past few years I've grown not to speak as much. Because I have learned that no one wants to hear what I want to say, they want to reply, and their response is random because they never comprehended what I said. I got tired of it. This wasn't the type of communication I signed up for. So do not be that person who wants to be heard, be the person who wants to listen.

Till next time..

Thank you for reading my article on how to be humble, I hope it helped! There are obviously so many more ways to be humble but those are just the ones I keep tabs on myself to stay humble.