It's almost that time of the year... exams. I am going to share some plans and tips that have worked for me for the past few years. Here are some :)

start making plans right this second. If you have so many test and exams to take the best way is to plan ahead. For example, I have already bought all the notebooks, papers, folders and stuff that I need in my local bookstore. Also, I have to buy all the healthy food I love, because It's super cold outside and I just don't want to deal with that too much. I almost forgot... planner planner planner. You don't have to be too strict with it (for me it creates a pressure); instead make sure that is relaxing.

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try creating a routine that you think you might be enjoying. For example, for me it's about waking up at 7 o'cloak and doing my skin care and eating oatmeal.

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you have probably heard it by now- try pomodoro technique. It's about studying for 25 minutes and making a 5 minute break (or you can do as you like). With this method I can study the entire day without even felling it!!!
But, If you have tried it and it does not work for you, you have time left to figure out your own method and try sticking to it.

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if you ever need a study buddy text me here on whi and we can do it together. Or you can always go on youtube and put the videos of other people studying in the background (IT HELPS).

I hope this was helpful in any way. If you would like I can do my weekly report or something like that, or even post more of my own photos.
Good luck, and happy holidays. I wish you all the best wishes in 2019. Thank you all!!