I'm backkk....and today I want to talk about a really popular topic every year, especially during the end of the year.
New Year's Resolutions! New Year.New Me!
Yes, you've guessed it right, today we are going to discuss about New Year's Resolutions and the hype.
To be honest, I've set myself New Year's Resolutions the past years too but this year I think I became wiser and changed quite a bit.
I mean if you make New Year's Resolutions and you think they will help you, I will be your biggest supporter.
But for me I learned thatif I always see the New Year as a new beginning but then fail, I will disappoint myself even more. I think it is a good idea to set yourself the goal to become a better version of yourself at the beginning of a new year, if you are unhappy with yourself but making a long list of these things people want to do more, personally I think (and I'm speaking from experience) does not really help. Maybe only set three or five goals to make it easier and more realistic. I'm the best example for a person who tries to always be better but often fails miserably. Let me give you an example. I started this project on my blog where I wanted to change my lifestyle and be a healthy badass but frankly speaking I gave up after a few weeks and you have no idea how angry and disappointed it made me and makes me every single time. At least I accept it, right? Is that a good thing? I don't know... I mean next year I'm not going to stop but I know now that I shouldn't care so much anymore and just go with the flowwwww.......
I'm actually really curious about your opinion too. I mean you can leave me a message with your thoughts on New Year's Resolutions and changes, if you want to.....
Thank you so much for reading this article!
Love yaaaaa

P.S: I feel you Phoebe..

I'm waiting... Come on slide into my DM's... Okayyyy I'm kidding... I should stop now. Byeeee!