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2019 book releases: What an amazing time to be alive!
I am certain that the upcoming year will bring bewildering reads in between its wind. But, I am also certain that 2019 won't be the best bookish year, since many authors will be taking an aching but necessary break from writing.
Without further ado, let's find out the most expected books.

The Wicked King

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For the record, I think that Holly Black has been doing a great job with her covers

This is the book that I personally am most excited about. I read The Cruel Prince this year, and let me tell you that it was an astonishing book, especially for the fact that it is Urban Fanstasy. I find Urban Fantasy particularly interesting, because characters do every-day things, like going to the mall. At first, it came as a shock to me since I am used to the "fantasy things happening in fantasy places and doing fantasy things", but eventually I got used to it.
Holly Black, the author of the Folk of The Air saga, did a great job with The Cruel Prince as you can see, and I do not expect any less from her with The Wicked King.
Expected release date: January 8, 2019

Two Can Keep a Secret

book image
Sorry for the image, but I couldn't find the book's cover anywhere

The first book of the saga was released this year. One of Us Is Lying wasn't only a trending book for about half a year, but it also was a New York Times Bestseller, written by Karen M. McManus. The book is basically The Breakfast Club but with a twist: one person gets murdered, and the only suspects are four people who completely deny murdering the victim.

The second book of this thrilling mystery is coming very soon. Guess that our only choice is to sit back, grab a sugar-free Coke and wait until it comes out!
Expected release date: January 8, 2019


book, bookworm, and furyborn image
Furyborn in the picture, the first book of the saga

If you haven't heard about Furyborn, I have no idea where you have been for the past months. Furyborn was one of the most popular 2018 YA fantasy books. The book was written by Clary Legrand. Empirium (the saga) is going to be a trilogy.
This book is very complex, full of mysteries and adventures. If you want to read an introduction to this masterpiece, click here (Good Reads): https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/34323570-furyborn
Expected release date: May 21, 2019

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