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Stage Name: Ji
Birth Name: Kyo So-Ri
Age: 19
Position: Main rapper, sub-vocal
Birthday: 6th July
Nationality: Korean
Height: 1,62 cm
Birthplace: Daegu, Gyeongnam

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Personality: She has a strong character but she has kid personality. She likes to play around and playfully annoying the maknea line.


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Solo Songs

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G.L.B. (Girl Love Boy)
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STARS! (song for the fans)

Idols Close Freinds


- She loves to eat so she always brings food with her and that makes her the cook of group when they are together.
- She goes to a lot places especially restaurants and cafes to taste all kinds of food.
- She say if she was a boy she would date Daisy because she is adorable and smart because Daisy can speak more languages than her.
- She owns one restaurant in Seoul. In the fututre she wants to open a small and comfy cafe.
- Sometimes she brings her brother to the work because the parents are working and sister is in school.
- She has a 5 year old brother named Kyo Jin-Young and a 17 year old sister named Kyo Mi-Ri.

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