Hey everyone! today I am going to talk about my four favortite moments of 2018.

My first fashion show behind the scenes.

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i study fashion and dries van noten is the best-known belgian fashion designer and every paris fashion week he invites us to help and to look. in septeber it was my first time and I met anna wintour !!! and I will be back on January 18th (send me a message if you want me to write an article about it with details!)


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my prom... it's a long story. So everyone in my class had a date outside of me, I did have someone in my mind but I did not know how to ask him. Everyone thinks he is very handsome even me hahaha, but 2 months before prom said a friend of mine "if you do it quickly you're off, it can always be a yes." so I sent him very impulsive and guess .... HE SAID !!! I was in shok haha.

We got a kitten!!!

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it speaks for itself...

a new beginning

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in high school you have 6 years that you can study fashion and then you have to go to another school where you can do 2 extra years before you go to the university. so that's what I did, and because I live very far, I had to go to a kot (in belgium we use the word kot, that's someone who rents a house to students where everyone has their own room.) so now I live with 7 other people which is great fun, and when it is Friday I go back home. so because I had to go to a new school I had to make new friends. so now my best friend and I have 3 new ones in our group.

that was my four favorite moments in 2018. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope to see you back soon. bye bye !!!!

XOXO Gingergirl