Lots of people around the world dream of travelling to a country like the Maldives. I'm one of those lucky enough to be living in it. Since it's human nature to want what we can't have, I personally would like to travel to someplace cold and snowy. But every now and then I like to look at my home in the eyes of an outsider and I find myself grateful to be living here.
Most photos of Maldives on the internet are of resorts. As much as I'd like to say that all of Maldives looks like that, it doesn't. My island, Fuvahmulah in particular is very different compared to others. It's the only island in the Maldives which doesn't have a lagoon, but that doesn't take away from it's natural beauty. My point here is that there's so much more to Maldives than just the resorts. There's so much more to see and experience.
If you travel to the Maldives and don't meet the locals, then you haven't had the true Maldivian experience. One of the best things about Maldives is the friendly locals. Walking around on an island inhabited by locals you are sure to come across many smiles and waves. Some might even converse with you. But if you were actually staying with a local family, their hospitality would be out of this world. They would treat you like family so long as you are respectful and kind towards them.
On the local islands there are tons of historical sites to visit. On my island, we have places like Havittha (the remains of a buddhist temple), Vasho Veyo (an old-fashioned bathing well) Kedeyre Miskiy and Geh Miskiy (which are both old mosques). These places are sure to give you insight into the culture and history of us locals.
Fuvahmulah also has many beautiful natural wonders. The wetlands are serene and full of wildlife unique to the area. There are also the two kilhis which I can best describe as small lakes on two sides of our island. One is called Bandaara Kilhi and is quite deep so locals avoid swimming there. However the other is shallow and is very popular among locals and tourists alike. It's called Dhadimagi Kilhi and over there you can partake in activities such as paddle-boat riding and canoeing.
My island deserves a place on your list of places to visit in the Maldives. So if you are considering travelling to Maldives, be sure to check out Fuvahmulah. Meanwhile,I'll continue to dream of visiting some country that experiences winter.