Make up in this days has become an important part to express ourselfs in many ways and as a complement of our slaying outfits. Continuing with "Makeup for the Occasion" series here I give you a more detailed description for Music Festival's Makeup, also with some tips, outfit ideas, etc.


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Let's begin with the makeup part. This kind of makeup is one of my favorites because you can do whatever you want. However, I think there's some important points that you should consider when it comes the time to do your look. First one is what kind of festival you are attending to. Most of it have a theme (such as Tommorrowland, Coachella, Lollapalooza, etc.) so you can take that as inspiration. Second, how much makeup are you willing to handle? This events are full-time, so cosider how much can you hold on the makeup. If you alrady have experience wearing "artistic" or full makeups, I think wear a full look should not cause you too much trouble. In the other part, if you are not used to wear make up, you think you will struggle too much woth it or you're just getting related with this kind of makeup, I think you should opt for something more minimalistic.

Once you have thought about this points, guess is time to planify your beautiful look. Again, do what your imagination wants to do. You have many options to create or creat your own version of some picture you liked it or tutorial you saw. Materials, like glitter, pearls, stones, confetti, regular/neon/metallic paint, applications are fabulous options to create something beautiful. Be bold, fashionista, simple, bohemian... Whatever you want. My advice is, be the most original you can, I don't think there is a formula to create your makeup in this occasions, so feel free to do anything you desire.


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Music festivals can become a runway for those who love fashion. Only your style will determinate the composition of the outfit. But sometimes, looking good is not the only thing you should considerate while attending a festival. Considerate the climatological conditions and the kind of environment you'll face one you're in the spot. Some must articles to add in your outfit are: a jacket that match the look make sure is comfortable and easy to carry, surely you will want to dance and jump around and feel heavy AF might be a little bit annoying. Crossbody bag or small backpack will be your best allies you take your things in a practical way. Being "sun kissed" it can be cute, sunburns not that much, take with you a cute hat with you and a pair cool of sun glasses your eyes and skin will thank you. Another thing you can add, is a bandanna, the dust and dirt might annoy the experience, protect your mouth and nose with it. Lastly, take with you a cute pair of sneakers or boots, sandals, high heels or your favorite shoes can make you have a bad moment by hurting your feet or these getting ruined, look for some cofortable pair of shoes you think you can walk for hours and don't mind getting dirty or in the worst case ruinned. I think something cute is that is you're going with youre bestie, you can match outfts or add a detail you share in your looks like flower crowns.


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Braids are a practical way to style your hair, there are many ways to do them, you only have to choose how to do it, messy buns or ponytails can ne a good option too. Also you can keep it more simple and free, curl your hair or leave its natural form (if you choose loose hair sont forget to take with you hair bands). Add details to make it look diferent like temporal paint, glitter or flowers.

Things to take with you in your bag

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Try to not take too much things in bag, beacuse it can become a hindrance. Take with you the essencial, you know like money, your passes for the festival, a little bottle of water, are the obvious things to carry with you. Although I made some reserch and I found some interesting items to take with you and make your experience more pleasant. Items like: an extra battery for the moment when your phone ran out of energy and you can still take awesome pictures. We talked about sunburns before, a travel size sunscreen is a good method to take care of your skin. Climante is unpredictable, so take with you a raincoat to protect yourself of the rain.

Things to keep in mind

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Last but not least, here's some tips to have a better experience. Basic advices: Make a plan with your friends; is easy to being distracted by some atraction in the enclosure or get lost in the middle of tons of people, so decide a reunion point in case your phone doesn't work. Camping: if you camp, choose a quality tent so it protects you from unspected conditions. A first aid kit with the essencial just in case of a emergency. Plastic bags: serves for A LOT of things, use them for trash or protect your feet from mud or water. And last and the most important HAVE FUN, be your true yourself or not, you can do whatever you want, try new things, change your name, wear a costume... Is all about to explode your imagination and be the most original possible.

Hope you liked. This is all for now. Please leave a heart ❤, I will apreacciate it a lot. Thank you.

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