The Guide Through Self-Forgiveness

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Forgiveness is easier said, than done. It becomes especially tricky, when you must release yourself from self-guilt. This could have the potential to eat you alive, from the inside, out. Whether it be guilt about a lie, that grew into something much larger, a way you treated someone, or the actions you have made with ill-intent. Below you will find helpful tips on how to forgive yourself.

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To truly set yourself free from the haunting memories of your past, you must know what you did wrong to begin with.


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  • What happened?
  • Why did you react the way you had?
  • Why does it leave an impact of guilt with you?

One must acknowledge the hurt they carry. (Yes, guilt is also a type of pain).


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  • Do you know what you did was wrong? If so, what made it wrong?
  • Apologizing to anyone who may have been hurt by your actions. If the other person does not forgive you, do not let it hold you back from living a happy life. If you gave your most sincere apology, there is nothing more you can do (except pray for them)


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  • IT HAPPENED; we all have our fair share of mistakes. Do not allow your past, to destroy your future. The world has so much more to offer, than what you have already done.
  • To accept, you must not regret. Regret could become your number one enemy, if you do not accept what happened, and where it has brought you.

Remember you are not perfect

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  • No one (but Jesus Himself), is perfect. Even the person you may have hurt, has made their “oops” and “uh ohs”.
  • This is not your first mistake, nor your last, so continue on!


Forgiveness comes in many forms, and will have its own unique purpose, for each individual. Learn to forgive yourself, then forgiving others wont seem as difficult.

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