Sometimes New Year’s resolutions can be intimidating. We set these crazy goals and are hard on ourselves when we haven’t achieved them by the end of the year. Well this year, we’d like to encourage you all to not forget these simple goals, as they are the most important for accomplishing anything.

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Take 5 minutes of “me” time every day

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Whether that’s journaling, staying an extra five minutes in bed to be with your thoughts, meditating, doing a few yoga stretches, putting on a face mask, dancing to your favorite music, or reading a chapter out of your favorite book…. just do it. Your sanity will thank you. Remember, you are so important -- make sure you treat yourself that way.

Get organized

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This doesn’t have to be a daunting task where on January 1, you wake up and de-clutter your whole life. Take simple steps to achieve this goal. It can be every day, every week or every month, but make sure you take some time to organize at least ONE thing. Crazy email inbox? Take an hour to sort through it. Closet overflowing with junk? Spend a Sunday putting stuff you don’t need away in boxes to give to others. By the end of the year, you’ll look back and be so happy with what you’ve accomplished.

Treat your body right

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You’re with your body ‘til the day you die… you HAVE to make sure you’re being good to it. Don’t feel like in order to be fit, you have to cut out all sugar and carbs overnight and have a six pack by the end of the year. No -- just do your absolute best to eat healthy when you can, treat yourself when you want it, and exercise a few times a week. You’ll notice when you’re not constantly looking at health as a daunting, challenging hurdle, you’ll enjoy taking care of your body so much more.

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