hey everyone! I know that most people on here are creating these kind of articles, but I thought I'd share some of my resolutions for 2019

➣ get into podcasts

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podcasts are such a good way to learn about different topics and pass time, listening to audio books as well are a great alternative to watching movies or youtube videos

➣ go to pilates/yoga classes

I've been to a few yoga and pilates classes but I'd really like to make it a habit. plus, it's quite an easy way to stick to a healthy lifestyle

➣ read and listen to music more

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I'd love to expand my music taste and book collection in 2019

➣ improve my grades

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I feel like every student will want to improve their report card this year: some ways to do this is reading or researching in your spare time or going to talks/lectures out of school or university

➣ go to a festival

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I'd love to go to soul circus, a yoga and wellbeing festival in the summer

➣ try new foods

there are so many types of cuisine in London, and I want to try them all!

thanks for reading!
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