Hey y'all! I got this idea when I saw someone do this with The Office and Friends episodes, so since New Girl is my favourite show, I wanted to recreate it with New Girl episodes!

Watch when you want to smile:

S2: E6 "Halloween"
S2: E11 "Santa"
S2: E15 "Cooler"
S3: E22 "Dance
S4: E8 "Teachers"

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Watch when you want to cry:

S1: E24 "See Ya"
S2: E18 "Tinfinity"
S3: E3 "Double Date"
S4: E22 "Clean Break"
S6: E22 "Five Stars for Beezus"

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Watch when you want to laugh:

S1: E15 "Injured"
S1: E22 "Tomatoes"
S3: E10 "Thanksgiving III"
S3: E13 "Birthday"
S4: E14 "Background Check"

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Best of friendship:

S1: E3 "Wedding"
S1: E15 "Injured"
S1: E24 "See Ya"
S3: E13 "Birthday"
S6: E10 "Christmas Eve Eve"

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Best of romance:

S4: E15 "The Crawl"
S6: E11 "Raisin's Back"
S2: E7 "Menzies"
S6: E16 "Operation: Bobcat"
S3: E9 "Longest Night Ever"

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