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First off, thanks so much for clicking on this article! Seriously, it means so much to me aha. :) Anyways, I just want to say that this article isn't like my past articles with tips and tricks, it's more of a reminiscence kind of thing. Alright, let's get into it, shall we?

Nothing is perfect

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I've always sort of thought that my family was weird and my house didn't look nice but now that I think about it, everything has its imperfections so just embrace it.

Everything comes to an end

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I moved to a new school about two years ago and I've never really thought much about it. It was the first time I moved and to be honest, it was really rough. Although I still keep in touch with my best friend, it isn't the same. This year taught me that I shoudl be thankful for things while they last.

Try new things

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I'm usually a very prejudiced person and because I care about what people think of me more than most people, I really try to fit in. It's actually caused me to lose a friend. I've been trying more music and have gotten a few hobbies, too. I think I'm happier this way. :)

Try hard in everything

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I really want to be a writer or veterinarian someday and my mom has been helping me with my writing and my parents have both been very supportive about my choice in jobs, they think it's great. I think that in order to succeed in life, everyone has to try hard in whatever they're doing to get to their goal and they should never give up on a dream no matter how crazy their dream may be.

That's all for today babes!

Sorry if it sounded emotional or deep or whatever I just wanted to be sort of sentimental because it's only a few days till the new year! - Aria ☃❆
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