If you are a person who know about Gurmeet Ram Rahim or Baba Ram Rahim, then you would be probably aware that Guru Ji has done a number of things for this country and the poor. The good deeds, welfare activities, and the teachings of Gurmeet Ram Rahim has encouraged millions of people from all over the world to follow his path and spread his message to the entire world.

One of the most important things done by revered Gurmeet Ram Rahim for our society is that he adopted several women who were deceived into the practice of prostitution. Guru Ji treated each one of these girls as his own daughters and ensured that they receive good health and mental care. In addition to that, he also got some of these women married into good families, thereby creating a strong movement against the practice of prostitution.

It might come as a surprise to many people when they hear the fact that the practice of child trafficking was very common in our country. Guru Ji was disturbed with this injustice, and he went on to put an end to the trafficking of kids by creating groups to regularly check and stop such illegal and unhuman movements.

Another important thing Gurmeet Ram Rahim has done is that he closed a number of birds and animal slaughter houses. This ensured that animals and birds were not slaughtered in a cruel and heartless way. Baba Ram Rahim and his followers also put in extra efforts to considerably promote matrilineal inheritance. This was done by urging one of the males in a family to relocate to the parental place of his wife with the consent of every family members to take care of his wife’s parents.

Only a few followers of Guru Ji are aware that Baba Ram Rahim allowed members of the tribal community to tie in the nuptial lock. He also encouraged men and women who belonged to tribal communities to ignore some of wrong traditions and customs. Apart from that, Guru Ji also asked his followers to donate clothes and other necessary items to the needy and poor who do not have the money to buy any of these items on their own.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim and his loyal followers also conducted multiple numbers of relief operations during several natural calamities such as heavy snowfall, earth-quakes, floods, and droughts. Guru Ji made his followers and other people realize the fact that millions of individuals from all over the globe do not get enough food while thousands of others waste huge amounts of food. Guru Ji even advised everyone to donate food to the needy and poor, and made a 24*7 food service for the poor at the food banks in his Ashram.