Good day to you, lovely people! I’m coming to you with some tips on how to find some amazing gifts you can give to your loved ones during special events/holidays. I figured opting for thrifted items would be a great idea; some people see it as a lazy (and cheap) way to get gifts, but thrifting is much trickier than they might think! Sometimes, it won’t take you long to get what you’d envisioned as the perfect gift, but other times, you have to spend hours scouring through tons of stuff to find THE gift you’ve been looking for. Often times, you might feel frustrated and overwhelmed by the sheer number of possible items you could pick up, and you’re not sure about taking this or that object. So in this article, I’m sharing with you some tips on how to not only find the perfect gift but also how to throw in your personal touch to make it more special!

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THE MAIN ITEMS: First of all, you have to look for the main elements that can constitute a great gift. Later on, I will explain how you can mix up different items so that you will have two or three gifts in one.
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Accessories: In my country, the majority of thrift stores don’t sell any jewelry pieces, but I’m sure that you can find many pieces to choose in your local thrift store! Go for vintage-styled bracelets, necklaces, brooches… Don’t look for rings, unless the person you’re giving it to has the same ring size as you, just to avoid the ring being too small or too big on them.
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Scarves are also the perfect accessories and that regardless of the season. You can pick big and cozy scarves for the winter season; or light scarves for the warmer season.
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Books, pictures, diaries… Books found in the thrift store are the best! They give off this sense of daintiness and uniqueness. I mean, if you find a book there and you don’t get it, chances are it might be taken shortly after you’d walked away. Also, the mere thought of them once belonging to someone else, probably from another time and place, is like entering a time machine and going back in time… but I digress! Old pictures, postcards, illustrations, unused diaries are also great finds; so you can pick up a couple of photographs or postcards and save them for your gift! (In this case, refer to the tip at the end.)
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Décor Pieces The appropriate pieces to look for are definitely glass jars and bottle; small wooden or ceramic boxes will do the job as well, and so goes to empty perfume bottles, too.
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As I mentioned above, old pictures are great finds, and now that I’m speaking of picture frames I guess that you can put two and two together at this point, but the ideal frames to pick up are those in which you can include more than one picture or any other frame that has an antique touch to it. I will try to find pictures to illustrate what I’m saying so that you’ll have a clear idea about the whole thing!
PERSONAL TOUCH/COMBOS: I have to mention that the following tips will be very brief and before you start picking your main elements, you need some pressed flowers or dried flowers! I’d written an article on how to press flowers and you can check it out here:
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The Book and Décor Piece: Take the book you’ve purchased and added in it your pressed flowers, and also the postcards you’ve selected! As for the glass bottles and jars, place the dried flowers, and if the jar is big enough, add in it a postcard and other treasures found in the thrift store.
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The Picture Frame: Again, take the frame you’ve chosen and put the old photographs, the pressed flowers, paintings, or even the postcards in it.
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The Jewelry: Place them in the small boxes and add in some dried flowers.
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The scarf: This is not only a cute but an ethical way to wrap your gifts! Take the scarf and simply wrap whatever you’re giving as a gift with it. In this case, your loved ones will use the scarf, unlike the wrapping paper that will probably end up being thrown away!

To add in that personal touch, just write a small note and include your favorite quote, poem… You can add in a small drawing or painting! I’m sure that whoever is receiving your gift will be thrilled.

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Alright, I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed writing it and sorry if it seems all over the place :D I am planning on writing a fashion-themed article for next time so stay tuned for that! I thank everyone for reading this till the end, and well, see you soon and enjoy your holidays!

This article was written by @sarraogba on the We Heart It Writers Team.