It's holidays, actually Christmas ones, and so it's the best time to do things what make me or you happy. I think that it's necessary to be happy at least 75% of year but we don't have time for all of those 'happy-mood-crafting" things these days due to this I was thinking about the problem and came with few activities or things that actually make me happy and I am feeling good doing them.

Reading a book

I could not imagine better activity than this one. I use it as some sort of relaxation and I really enjoy it. I also take reading as a good tool for widening knowledge and cultural education.

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Enjoying a nice cup of tea while reading thrilling book is the best way how to kill boredom and it's the easiest way how to relax and the care of my mental health in my opinion...

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Time alone

Don't know how about extroverts but I, as a proud introvert, am happy when I can spend some time alone. While being alone I think about things - sometimes in silent sometimes out loud. I love to be with myself (only) even though my family and mum especially doesn't really understand that.

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Purchasing an object I like

Just because it's pretty I have a right to buy it. I am not saying that you need to buy things, come one we need to stop this materialistic era, but I say that if you like something for a long-long-long time and the only rational explanation is beauty of the object than why not to buy it? I think that the main thought of minimalism is to have things that are necessary or have meaning for us or make us happy.

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Taking care of myself

Applying a facial mask or painting nails. Just some sort of care.

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Oh my, I love to prepare fine food. Pasta, salad, risotto, anything...

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Scribing thoughts on a paper is sort of tiding my mind and putting it back into an order again. After a stressful day it is very important.


Finding the light, angle, contrast ext. is my hobby. It calms me down every time.

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Activities were you move your body are very important to keep your physical body healthy.

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Watching films

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It does not depend on if I am actually creating or if I am just regarding it. I love art. That is it.

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