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I'm a Huge pokemon fan since I'm still little so here my perfect pokemon teams of each type! I'll made a Article of each Type. This problemly go to be a serie of articles. All teams are of 6 pokemon. Let's get starting with the Normal Type team.

#1 Ditto

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Ditto is for sure one of my favorite pokemon. He is adorable and so pretty pink.

#2 Eevee

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Eevee is also one of my favorites since I'm a little kid. So adorable little sweetie!

#3 Skitty

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Skitty is one of my favorite anime cats see my Article. .

#4 Chansey

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I always I love to catch a Chansey in the pokemon game I just were never able to do it. I really like her in anime too. So she will be a great part of my team.

#5 Aipom

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I really really love Aipom he's so adorable.

#6 Girafarig

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I really like this pokemon when I was Little I still do Hehe.
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This the end of my first article of my perfect pokemon teams of each Type. I hope you liked it bye bye