So, today I'm going to talk about one youtuber you might know : Azzyland.
Recently she posted a music video called "money" where she ironized the fact that rappers usually rap about money, fame, dropping out of school, expensive cars and others.
She even said she did this JUST FOR FUN and she know she doesnt have any talent at rapping or singing. She is completely aware of the level of autotune she used and that it created a lot of cringe moments. One of her latest videos is her REACTING to hate comments and before her video EVEN STARTED she told us that she did this just TO HAVE FUN. THEN SHE SAID she did this to "mimic" how rappers sing MOSTLY about money nowadays. She isnt flexing or anything, just check out her video talking about the song and you'll understand. She has a university degree that is totally legit, she didnt drop out of school, and she doesnt support this kind of behaviour.
I admit it, the song might be pretty bad but then just don't listen to it.
A lot of people think the video is legit but it is really not and i thought i needed to clear that out for everyone that is reading this article.
her instagram--- @azzyland
her yt channel--- Azzyland