I don't know
what to write about,
but I decided I'm gonna do it.
I haven't written for months.
Maybe even years.
I used to enjoy it so much, my heart would bump every time
I was in the company of my best friends, words.
You have a talent, they say.
But I also have a fear from a blank piece of paper. I can't just 'start', create something. Please, just give me an idea, instructions, of what I should write.
I know
I just have to start
then the words flow.
Like a river, or its waves.
I have a fear, of something being badly written.
Oh if I was a child
Everything would be as it always should.
Merry Christmas, by the way, my weheartit friends. I like the company of yours, I like the feeling of writing To somebody. A feeling when you know, somebody is reading the previous word of the word I am writing. at the moment. at the beginning. please. don't delete. don't do it Again. I start and I end it. Erase it, like it never existed. I should have had a type machine, because there, you can't delete what you've already written. It always stays, on that piece of paper.
Write, woman, write.
Be like Shakespeare.
Be like water.
Find yourself. Once again. Draw a rose, cut it out and smell it. Smell the piece of paper in the shape of a red drawn rose.