the last playlist of 2018 :( how sad
it's a good one though, enjoy :)
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let's get to it ;)

1. Greek God by Conan Gray

cd, conan, and hair image
as i mentioned in the november 2018 playlist article, conan gray is my new celebrity crush; i love him, he's so cute
since you always swear that you wanted me gone, then why don't you go get your gun?

2. Never Meant to Call by Claud

gif, you, and holding hands image
this song is so cool, i love her voice
i had a plan to take you by the hand

3. World Class Cinema by Gus Dapperton

alternative, dance, and indie image
his latest release <3 love it
i feel like i'm famous everytime we're alone

4. Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand

alex kapranos, franz ferdinand, and paul thomson image
heard this song at my friends house; the guitar is sick
i say "don't you know?"
you say you don't know

5. Shake Me Down by Cage The Elephant

cage the elephant, matt, and matt schultz image
a tb :')
lonely times indeed

6. Dark Red by Steve Lacy

lip gloss, makeup, and dark vogue image
this is my favorite song from this playlist; i can't describe why i love it so much but wow ? <3
only you

7. Jane by Roy Blair

roy blair image
i really liked this song by roy! i haven't really gotten to listen to his music much, but this one is a good one :)
who are you proving yourself to?

8. Today (feat. Teo Halm) by Omar Apollo

boy, chicano, and icon image
i love omar apollo's voice it's so soothing
i wish i was asleep

9. Magic by San Cisco

90s, vcr, and lolita image
my best friend showed me this song in the car as we were about to go eat sonoran hot dogs :)) /// what a sad song but tbh so dance-y
what you say and what you do used to make me wanna be something
but now your words to me mean nothing

that's all :( sorry for making it such a short one again! but hope you all enjoyed <3
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