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Collabmas Day 24 :

In this article I will be rounding off #KellysCollabmas, explaining what my plans for my articles are in 2019 and a contents page of all the articles posted on this series.

I can not believe that my December series has come to and end, it was an absolute dream to collaborate with 22 amazing hard working friends and users here on we heart it.

I didn’t think it would be possible and I knew that it would be tough writing 24 articles that needed to be posted day after day and I didn’t think I’d get this much support on this idea but you all loved it and so did I!

Announcement article ^

❆ // Final note from me on #Kellyscollabmas :

This is it! How incredible is that? I’ve posted 24 articles and a total of 47 articles in my Collabmas series. I truly enjoyed writing it and collabing with my friends, not to mention i’ve made so many new friends here on we heart it through collabmas too!

I guess it’ll be weird not writing an article every day for you guys to read and I will miss Collabmas.

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It’s also been a huge accomplishment for me as this has been the first ever successful collabmas here on We Heart It!
How do I know this? If you search up collabmas the only articles listed are off my #KellysCollabmas with my articles and people I’ve collabed with‘s articles!
By all means if you are inspired by this and want to try something like #Kellyscollabmas or #24DaysofBasicallyKelly next year then go ahead but please give me credit for the idea and link my collabmas collection. Credit should be given where credit is due. That goes for any of my other articles too.
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I got so many kind and supportive messages from you wonderful people who read the series, not to mention the dedicated users I collaborated with, thank you guys so much for taking time out of your busy festive schedules to write an article with me, to go through the process of planning, to setting a date and time, to share documents and be on time when posting.

Thank you so much, I appreciate every single one of you, without your kindness to collaborate with me, Kelly's Collabmas wouldn’t even be possible!

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Of course thank you to my readers who continue to read my articles and support them. I know that posting every single day leading up to christmas is a lot not only to write but to read but the majority of you contacted me saying that you’ve read every single article including the collab articles from my friends I collabed with. To take time out of your day to read what we’ve written really means a lot to me.

This year I was determined to not fail at my series because last year for #24DaysofBK I got ill and therefore couldn’t write as I had to rest so that’s why so many articles were missing. But this year I managed to post successfully which I’m still so shocked about how I pulled it off.
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I get a lot of question of how I manage to post an article everyday for collabmas and my trick is that I prewrite so I’m always a day or two ahead of my posting schedule.

I don’t know how I’ll be able to top this next year but whatever I end up doing for my December series next year, I will try my best to make it bigger and better! Many of you have already messaged me and asked if I could do the sam for next year and i guess time will tell!

Read all the collabmas articles here ^

❆ // Future article plans :

For the rest of the articles this year - 2018, I will be posting 3 articles before 2019 :
- 27th December 2018 : Did I accomplish my 2018 goals?
- 29th December 2018 : My 2019 Goals (We Heart It & life)
- 31st December 2018 : 18 Things I Learnt in 2018
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As for 2019, the first article of the year will be on the @Weheartit_editor ‘s account because on the 5th Jan 2019 is my upload date for the writers team so keep an eye out for that!

However for my main account which is this account, I will probably be uploading towards the end of the month as I feel like I need an article break for a few weeks and with a new academic term starting I also have to focus on school too.
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My upload schedule for articles will hopefully be every other week but if there's any changes, look out for my captions as I will update there.

Meanwhile if you’d like to collab with me outside of collabmas in 2019 or have any requested article topics then just message me! I always try my best to reply to all your messages but if I don’t then that’s because I get so many I normally end up forgetting or thinking I did so just give me time for a reply.
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❆ // Full list of articles in #KellysCollabmas :

Collection ^

day 1 : my own article
Announcement article ^

day 2 : Bel (@enjoyalittle)
Also a huge thank you to everyone who did our tag!

day 3 : Mila (@sunseit)
We shared our favourite skin, body, nail and haircare tips.

day 4 : Alana-Mae (@Alana_mae_m)
This was such an interesting article to make, it's our different perspectives on the seasons as we live in different hemispheres.

day 5 : Allie (@stormysundays)
Perfect little gift guide for gift ideas!

day 6 : Anastasia (@Anastasiaka_)
Featuring a huge variety of photography ideas for this winter season.

day 7 : Elodie (@Cupidfied)
Not feeling christmassy yet? Try our tips in these articles and you'll be in the festive spirit in no time!

day 8 : Paulien (@paulien_99)
Here is simple and fun decoration ideas for your room to spice things up a bit


day 9 : Kara (@daytime_dreamin)
If you need a good holiday read then we've got you covered with our favourite book recommendations.

day 10 : Caylie (@zeilyac)
Make sure you're looking cute and fashionable this christmas and winter with our cookbook which shows a full week of outfit ideas spread out between us.

day 11 : Júlia (@collecting_roses)
Christmas can get unhealthy with the chocolate you're consuming and sweets so why not turn things around and have fun making healthy christmas snack with these ideas!

day 12 : Michel (@night_wishes) & Sabine (@The_night_skies)
Enjoy reading about magical amazing winter places with all three articles showcasing different jaw dropping places!

day 13 : Olivia (@Oliviaub)
Here are our favourite winter essentials that we cannot live without!

day 14 : Shianza (@Grandeur)
Need some ideas on what to do this winter? Read our article to be filled with fun ideas now!

day 15 : Ivana (@xxhoneymoon)
Theres no better way to celebrate the festive season with a good old christmas playlist.


day 16 : Lydia (@midnight_adventure)
Look at our different perspectives on our winter sundays!

day 17 : Elsa (@studylatin)
Get your A game on and brush up on school with these productivity tips.

day 18 : India (@Fiftyshadesofhearts)
Spice it up for winter with our amazing and fun tricks.

day 19 : Kim (@music_infinity)
The perfect lifestyle article if you want to know what our 2018 highlights and best moments were!

day 20 : Nea (@cherrybbombb)
Running out of article ideas? We've got your back with 50 different article ideas!

day 21 : Vaso ( @Tohsaka_)
Still lacking fashion advice? We've supplied you with 2 weeks worth of winter outfits, all different and unique in their own special ways.

day 22 : Abeeha (@_oceandrive_)
Cozy down with a good christmas movie to really relax over the holidays.

day 23 : Lotte (@Blxxming)
Christmas day is approaching at full speed so get ready for christmas with us!

day 24 :
That's a wrap! #Kellyscollabmas 2018 is officially finished!

That’s all from me, thank you for supporting Kelly's Collabmas 2018! I loved this year’s december series so much and please show your love and support to me and all the users who participated. If you liked this article then please heart it and send in your reaction.

I hope you have a great christmas tomorrow or a great day if you don’t celebrate it. Spend time with your family and friends tomorrow and just enjoy it!

With all of that said, I will see you on the 27th December! I hope you enjoyed reading #Kellyscollabmas as much as I enjoyed writing it.

- Extra festive hugs,
Kelly xx

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