hii, my name is lottie and this is my first article ever. i hope u enjoy it and if u do please follow me xoxo

i usually wake up at 9:30

after i wake up i start doing some exercises in my room

then i go back to bed to watch some series on netflix

when i get bored or hungry, i go downstairs and eat something, i love eating tosti's (grilled sandwitch ham and cheese) and i also drink a smoothie

when i'm done with breakfast it kinda depends,
sometimes i start drawing but i also like trying out new makeup looks or playing mario kart lmao

sometimes i'll go hang out with friends
but when i don't i start watching netflix or i play sims 4

sometimes i go outside with my dog and my camera, and i will just take some pics of the area and stuff..

then after dinner i go and watch movies with my family

or when i am not in the mood i'll watch series alone in my room

thank you so much for reading this
and im so sorry if my english is bad but i'm not english so yeah thats why my grammar could be incorrect xoxo