I was actually planning on doing this as a video idea on YouTube but I don't have enough confidence as of right now so instead I'll put it up on this lovely platform. Enjoy, loves! 💗

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1. Goodbyes - yeah, this year was tough for me. There are happy goodbyes and sad ones, a major sad goodbye came this year for me and that is the closing down of my ballet studio. I had to say goodbye to my great ballet teacher who taught me for 11 years plus and great friends as well.

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2. Hellos - Alright let's tuck that lil ray of sadness back in and bring out that lil ray of happiness outside. Although I'm still getting used to my new ballet studio, I feel as if a great number of opportunities opening up to me. Next, YouTube, I finally published vlogs and officially opened up my own YouTube channel !! I've been loving and admiring vlogs and now I get to publish and make my own ❣️

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3. Academics - ok so in terms of academics... I had about 2-3 breakdowns over it and I just plainly felt like I was wasting too much time. I wasn't performing that well either but I was fortunate enough to still have enough time to turn my grades around and change my study habits. I did it for my parents and the people I love on days I couldn't do it for myself. Let's just say, things just got better.

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4. Body image and self worth - i was super aware of how my body wasn't perfect, like I didn't have a flat tummy and I am not fat but I just have fat. I blamed a lot of things and people for this problem when really, my eating habits are the problem. I truly see how what you feed yourself and your body can affect your health a lot. So I encourage for anyone who is reading this to eat in moderation. Too much of anything ain't good, even healthy food. I thought that I wasn't worthy of anything good due to how my body looked, I didn't feel my best and wasn't doing my best either but thank God, now I have cleaned up my eating habits and I'm slowly transforming myself to the version I yearn and want of myself. I'm getting there alas.

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5. What I’ve learnt - how to edit videos (lolz). Discipline in studying. Healthy eating. Workin out by myself (not depending on ballet classes 100%), life is about balance. People come and go and that family is forever. Family is very important and so much more.
(sorry it aint organized my friends) (I'll bless you with dem cool pics)

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6. My Skin - I have eczema and due to my crazy eating habits and relationship with sugar - it's gotten worse but I'm on the road to recovery and I just can't thank my family (mostly my mother) for helping me heal. In time I'll heal. I want to thank my friends as well for not making me feel bad about my skin. Thank you guys so much, it means a lot.

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And that is a wrap for my 2018 🌟 I hope it was a good article. There will be ups and downs and we will all be fine in the end. Keep going and don't ever give up, you may be lost, you may be found, but whatever you do, don't stop shining and spreading love to others and the world 🌸💖