How many of you feel like you never have enough money? Who feels as though you want to save for something you can't? I have a few techniques that work for me so it might just work for you too if you're really serious about gaining that extra little bit of money. It will involve giving things up, Even things you might not want to but it really does work. from experience for some thing then I'll say this, trust me, i know it won't be easy at first. It's worth it though.

1) Ditch the make-up or cut back on this. This may be difficult for some because some use it and worship it like their life depends on it. Let me say something, IT DOESN'T. Acne is normal if you use it to cover it, get over it, it's a normal human thing. You think you don't look good without it? you're wrong!! Wear the right cloths so things that fit you. I'm not saying go out and buy new stuff, That would defeat the purpose of this. Go to your closet see what you have that looks best on you and wear those. Style your hair in different ways. You don't need make-up to look good. You can do it with what you have now. Women can spend hundreds on make-up in a short time. imagine the amount you can save if you cut back or stop wearing it.

2) Stop buying the top of the line most expensive you can find just to stay in style with others. You can go to cheaper stores and find things just as cute. You don't need to do expensive to prove yourself or "because everybody else has it" You are your own person keep it that way. Don't dress to impress. Dress to please yourself and express yourself, not others. That also saves you a bit.

3) Keep track of what you spend you money on. Write it down or something with what you paid. Then at the end of the month calculate how much you spent. look at how much you spend on pointless things each month and slowly waver that out. I'm still working on that myself but it already is helping me out. turns out, when I did this, I could've saved over $300. Like I said, I'm still working on this myself but it is helping. One way to also achieve this is to stop an everyday purchase on the same thing (if you have one). Mine is coffee and even though it might be between $1-$2 that tiny bit still helps in the end of each month. I'm still trying to rid that one.

4) PUT THAT EXTRA CHANGE AWAY!!!!! Ever heard of the five dollar challenge? It's great. Any $5 bill or under put it away. Put it all in a jar or lock box. If you need those smaller bills like the $5 or $1 then switch it with a $10 or $20. To get this point across, go take out a $10 or $20 go over to your "Collection" count out ten or twenty with the fives or ones take out the smaller ones but put the larger in its place and if you need a larger bill it's vice versa. this also adds up fast. Especially if you have a job you can get "tips".

I hope these tips work for you because I go by all these and they have helped out a lot these last few months for me.