You were the Hurricane that came to my life, but that did not happen because you wanted to. It was because I was looking for danger and I thought I could handle it, then suddenly it blew out on my face. Despite of everything I forgive you…
I forgive you because you broke my heart.
I forgive you of giving me depression and anxiety.
I forgive you for making me think that I´m not worth it.
I forgive you to expect all of you, when you did care less, even though deep down I was hoping you did at least once.
I forgive you to make me think that it was my fault of having feelings for you.
I forgive you for driving me crazy more than once.
But honestly…. I´m thankful for the experience and the joy that you brought, and sorry I distanced myself for months but that was my defense reaction. We are completely from different words. I really like when I´m with you, I was never expecting involved my feelings it just happened couldn’t control them.
I know you think that you will destroy me again if you´re near to me, but anxiety already does that for you, so you don’t have to worry about it. In the contrary you would help a little bit.